Class for May and June babies!

If you are expecting a May or June baby, this is the perfect class for you. We cover it all- the benefits of natural birth, nutrition and exercise for a healthy pregnancy, the best birth location and care provider for you, preparing you and your partner for labor, birth, immediate postpartum, breastfeeding and those early days.

This class has it all! I want to share tools to get you excited and prepared for your birth! I teach in Florissant but welcome students from Cascade, Green Mountain Falls, Woodland Park, Divide and South Park. Contact me to today to save your spot!

Classes Start in June

I am starting a new series of classes June 6th. I teach in Florissant, Colorado, to students in Woodland Park, Divide, Green Mountain Falls, Cascade, even west to South Park. I can’t wait for you to come and join me! Perfect for due dates in September and October.





For all those Superbowl Babies!

Hey, Broncos Fans!

A lot of Broncos fans have been celebrating their Superbowl win yesterday! If that celebration ends up needing a name next November, consider taking comprehensive childbirth education classes with me! I have a 10- week course starting both June 6th or September 12th. If you have had a natural birth and just need a refresher, email me to set up an appointment for a customized Reboot Refresher. I teach classes in Florissant, Colorado for those in Teller County and the surrounding areas. Can’t wait to meet you!