About Me

Welcome! My name is Erin Marney. I was born and raised in Kansas and I married my high school sweetheart in 2002. My family has resided in Kansas, the mountains of Eastern Idaho, and central Wisconsin before finally settling a bit west of Woodland Park, Colorado.

My husband and I have five kids, whose births all happened very differently! My first two children were born by cesarean, my third child was born by medicated VBA2C (Vaginal Birth After 2 Cesareans), my fourth child was born at home in the water, and my fifth child was born naturally in the hospital.

Since I trained as a doula in 2005, I have been seeking a way to serve expecting couples while balancing the needs of my family. I am so glad I found Birth Boot Camp and I am excited to share such a comprehensive, contemporary education with expecting parents! Knowledge is power and I want to share the tools you need to have an amazing birth!



To contact me:
Phone: (719) 387-4938
Email: emarney@coloradobirth.com